Write What You Know

We each have home town or a favorite place or fond memory from our childhood. Maybe it’s the lake out back or a quiet stretch of land. Maybe it’s the sound of rush hour traffic or Sunday morning with the birds chirping. Some of my time was spent in Alabama, growing up in a small town much like my debut novel, Desperate Whispers.

As a teen, writing was something I enjoyed. From poems to research papers, I loved it all. I remember writing a short story, using the directions off a cheesecake box. I’m not sure if I could find the original story, but I recall how I gave the inanimate object life. It had feelings. It had depth.

Writing is often that way for me. I draw from my experiences. I take what I’ve learned and give it life. Often times, it isn’t a person, but the place. The lake. Main Street. The grocery store. The bank. The way the trees swayed during a lighting storm or how the neighbor’s dog barked at nothing at all. It’s all firmly etched in my mind and something I’ll never forget.

I take my surroundings and pour them into my novels.  Of course it’s fiction, but the place is real. It’s just a small town in the continental US, but when the leaves change in the fall and you drive along the mountain road, the valley never appeared more picturesque.

If you’re a writer, draw upon your life experiences. You may just produce a masterpiece. 🙂

Happiness is…