Character Takeover: Cassius, Faery Priestess

Hi there. This is Cassius, Faery Priestess from Jessa Ely’s recent release, The Kale Alpha. Shh, Jessa doesn’t know I’m here. She’s in her writing cave, creating new stories and conquering world domination (I think), so we’ll leave her to it. Readership is important. And I’m here to spread the word about her new book. There’s sexy wolf shifters and magic. A demon wreaking havoc and a few other surprises that I’ll leave for you to discover. Trust me, you’ll want to get the book.

But first, a little about me.

I’m a Fae. I have wings and long pink hair.

pink-hair-1450045_1920Sorry, this is the only recent photo I have. I blame Dax, a wolf shifter who can’t use a camera! Oh, I’ll explain him in just a minute.

Anyway, I flourished as a Fae under King Eldan, but something terrible went down. A power hungry demon to be exact.

canstockphoto19345550Hey, this is all I could get. Don’t be fooled by the demon’s sexiness. It’s part of his charm!

As I mentioned, I’m a priestess. I helped the Kale escape and in return, they allowed me to stay with them. I’m kind of seeing Dax, a sexy shifter with long hair.


He’s a real horn dog. Trust me, you’ll want to see for yourself.

But in the meantime, here’s a small excerpt of Dax and me:

Her bare feet made no sound over the hardwood floor, her translucent wings fluttered at her back. As she twisted the knob and jerked open the door, she glared. The smirk looming on the warrior shifter’s face made her angrier. Of all the Kale, she hated him and his playful nature. Or maybe hate was the wrong word. Inside, she was drooling, despite her annoyance. He dwarfed her petite body with his hard muscles. His blond hair brushed his shoulders, and his brown eyes were velvet soft. Despite her irritation, she ached for his lips on hers. A pang of desire crashed over her.

“This better be good,” she said, a little more breathy than she intended. “Or I’ll turn you into a great big, ugly toad, and then fry you in wild boar fat and feed you to the crows.” She pushed back a stray lock of long, pink hair.

Damn, he was gorgeous. Long feathery lashes swooshed against his cheeks, and his perfect nose slid down to drive-me-wild lips.

He flashed a grin, leaning against the doorway. “Oh, I’m up for it, half-pint,” he said. “I love your savage side. It makes my dick hard.”

What did I tell you? 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and give you a little insight to Jessa’s new book. I promise you don’t want to miss it. I better be off before Jessa realizes what I’ve done. I don’t think she’ll mind, though. 🙂


The Marked is coming.

Levi has heard this a million times, but as Alpha, chooses to ignore it. Yet when he finds a Fae near death, she draws out his protective instincts.

Shayla hopes the wolf pack will find her, as she wishes for a swift death. She aches to escape her marching orders…to kill the Kale Alpha.

Evil casts a dark shadow over the magical world, and no one is safe. Only the Kale Alpha holds the key to reversing the past against a new dictatorship, but will he discover the power to do so in time? Shayla and Levi must fight demonic forces or lose everything…



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Cobblestone Press



Story Tags: Romance; Paranormal; Shifter; Erotic



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